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Argan Concentré Pur, an anti-aging innovation

Discover our new anti-aging range, Argan Concentré Pur, formulated with the highest concentration of argan oil* for firmer, smoother skin.

Tested and approved by our customers, before its launch.

*In Melvita skincare products

The highest concentration of argan oil

The argan tree can live for as long as 200 years in an arid environment, thanks to its incredible capacity for renewal. 

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The youthful Fluid

Smoother, firmer skin at your fingertips!
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Try them for yourself!

Would you like to try our new range? Find out how below. 
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Argan oil expertise

The argan tree can live for up to two hundred years in an arid environment,
thanks to its incredible capacity for renewal. 

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The youthful cream-oil

A patented, sensorial texture and visible anti-aging results.
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Argan oil: a miracle ingredient

Rediscover the nourishing and revitalizing properties of argan through our organic oil that cares for the face, body and hair.
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The tutorials

Use our "Concentrate of Yputh" massage technique to help enhance the effectiveness of the products in our Argan Concentré Pur range. 
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Argan Extraordinary Water

Infuse your skin with youth, with this anti-aging serum-lotion!
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Argan extracts in different forms

Our expertise in argan oil and our in-depth knowledge of this tree have enabled us to discover new argan extracts and properties, which we have incorporated into our products. 
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Youthful Oil Serum

Reawaken your skin's youth!
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Product reviews

We invited some of our customers to test two products from our new range (Fluid + Eye Care OR Cream-Oil + Eye-Care) for 1 month. Here's what they had to say...
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The youthful eye care

Open up your eyes and smooth the eye contour!
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Interview with Valérie Paint

An expert in organic beauty care and massage, Valérie Paint tells us baout her techniques and sources of inspiration. 
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A strict supply chain

Since 2006, Melvita has sourced its argan oil from an argan forest in Morocco. The land is certified organic and the oil is Fair Trade approved by ECOCERT Environnement, in accordance with the ESR* standard.
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The 4-minute ritual

Discover the Melvita 4-minute anti-aging beauty ritual. 
Follow these steps and breathe new youth into your skin!
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