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Behind the scenes

From Paris to the south of France, our products are designed, developed and manufactured by people who are passionate about beauty and nature.
Meet our teams.

Jean-Charles and his teams are responsible for sourcing supplies of organic raw materials.

"Our mission is to guarantee the quality of our strategic organic ingredients. To do this, we often carry out missions on the ground and set up strict specifications, in line with the principles of Ecocert organic certification."

Pierre-Nicolas identifies new ingredients to enrich our portfolio of raw materials. 

"I find innovative and effective ingredients that we can use to develop active, organic formulas."

Our marketing teams are buzzing with innovative ideas to offer you new and original organic beauty solutions. 

“Every day, our objective is to keep pushing the limits of organic formulation even further, so that we can offer people beauty products that are just as effective and sensorial as conventional cosmetic products.”

Géraldine is in charge of the Melvita laboratory. She develops our formulas to create the organic products of tomorrow.   

"Organic products are a real – and enjoyable – challenge! We want to create exquisite, sensorial formulas. My job is to make organic products even more attractive and appealing."

Karine and Elsa work on ways to make us even more ecologically responsible.

"Our aim is to reduce the environmental impact of all our activities."

Nathalie, production manager

"Our products are developed in a very safe environment and the packaging we use for them draws on the very latest technological innovations." 

Virginie develops fragrances without any synthetic ingredients  

"My work is all about creating 100% natural fragrances and making our scents even more irresistible."

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