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Born in Ardèche

Melvita was born in the Ardèche – a unique region of France, whose spectacular natural beauty has remained protected from all pollution.

As the brand has grown, so has our eco-factory. And we have YOU to thank for this – you and all the men and women who have shaped the brand through their passion and enthusiasm since 1983. 

Covering a surface area of almost five hectares, the Melvita eco-factory symbolizes our values of respect, benevolence and authenticity, and our determination to protect the wonderful nature around this site.

In the Ardèche, man and nature live together in harmony. 

• The region is ranked no. 1 for the protection of its biodiversity* and known for its leading role in organic farming**

• Home to over 23,000 plant species

• A listed nature reserve, rich in exceptional fauna and flora

* Source: Vigie Nature 2013

** Source: La Vie study, November 2014

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