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Bambusa arundinacea

  • History

    The word "Arundinacea" in the Latin name for bamboo (Bambusa Arundinacea) refers to the appearance of the plant and means "like a reed". The Malaysians believed that bamboo had magical powers, and it was also used for the exudate collected from the joints (or nodes) of the female plants (bamboo with a hollow stem). This exudate is used in Indian medicine for its remineralizing properties, while in China it is considered to be a tonic.

  • Location

    Bamboo (stem, Marrow) used in extract comes from India to Islands of the Pacific Ocean

  • Cosmetic actions

    Bamboo powder is a natural and gentle exfoliator. Due to its very fine granules, it is a popular ingredient for use in exfoliating skincare products and in toothpastes. It is also known for its purifying properties.

Ingredient used in :

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