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  • History

    Bees produce honey from nectar gathered or from honeydew. There are many different varieties of honey, with different geographical origins and produced from different plants. Honeys are characterized by their texture, color and flavor. Thyme honey is an amber liquid. It has a strong scent and a complex flavor, which is fruity, tangy and lingers in the mouth. Thyme honey is characterized by a rather complex pollen spectrum.

  • Location

    Thyme honey comes from Mediterranean basin (South of France, Spain, Italy)

  • Cosmetic actions

    Thyme honey - limits the spread of bacteria - helps to inhibit the release of substances that cause sensitive or allergic reactions. It can be combined with acacia honey (with softening and detoxifying properties) and orange blossom honey (with soothing and repairing properties). The synergy of these three honeys provides a solution for dry and sensitive skin.

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