Ribes nigrum

  • History

    In the 18th century, blackcurrant was considered a cure-all. According to the "Traité du Cassis" (blackcurrant treatise), published in 1757, it was the "fruit of long life". Blackcurrant is traditionally used for the richness of its leaves and berries in cosmetic products.

  • Location

    Blackcurrant leaves used in distillat come from France

  • Cosmetic actions

    Blackcurrant extract protects the epidermis from external agressions and helps to slow down the skin ageing process and helps improve skin tone and firmness. When blackcurrant extract is combined with raspberry, beech and Scots pine extracts, the result is a complex effective in anti-aging skincare products. Each extract provides specific and complementary properties to fight the damage caused by time.

Ingredient used in :

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