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Rosa damascena

  • History

    Rosa damascena, considered to be one of the most important of the ancient rose varieties, is one of the two main species of rose sought after to make essential oil. It belongs to the category of "fragrant rose bushes". The origin of the Damask rose is unclear. Its genus name, "Damascena", refers to the capital of Syria, where a Byzantine governor is believed to have planted a few cuttings from Iran. The roses are picked very early in the morning, shortly after they bloom, and it is a race against time to gather them quickly enough before their essences evaporate in the sun.

  • Location

    Damask rose flowers used in combination (Flower water - essential oil) and in oily plant extract come from Morocco

  • Cosmetic actions

    Rose floral water: - helps maintain the skin's support network. It helps improve firmness and elasticity. - strengthens the barrier function of the skin and protects it against drying, due to its regenerating and restructuring properties. - is an excellent ingredient for anti-aging skincare. It is particularly suitable for dry and damaged skin, while also offering gentle care and pleasure for the senses with its irresistible scent. The Damask rose extract obtained by enfleurage effectively preserves the integrity of the original scents and active ingredients. This rose extract helps limit insensible water loss by strengthening the hydrolipidic film, and soothes fragile and delicate skin. The combination between flower water and essential oil of Damask rose has refreshing, astringent properties that make it particularly suitable for fragile skin. It is particularly beneficial for delicate skin.

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