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Ethical Roses

Ethical Roses

The high-altitude roses in the new Melvita Rose Nectar range are both beautiful and ethical!

Melvita goes to new heights for your beauty! Determined to use only the purest roses, it sought them out in the mountains of France.

In France, Melvita calls on one of the few solitary pickers in the Drôme Provençale region. Here, the Rosa canina bushes grow at an altitude of 700 to 1,300 meters. In June, as the morning dew evaporates in the sunshine, our picker heads to the mountains, looking for barely open flowers. He can pick up to five kilos of fresh flowers in a day and cover some four hectares.

Jean Pierre Pavier

"If you were to ask me what time of the day I like best when I go out picking, it would have to be early in the morning. This is when the sun is just starting to rise, nobody else is in the mountains, and you can see the wild animals easily."

"My philosophy of nature? I love to take advantage of what nature has to offer, while also making sure that I never take too much from it."

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