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Fagus sylvatica

  • History

    A beech tree reaches adult age at around 60 years and lives from 200 to 250 years. It is known as the "tree of eternal youth." Beech trees have been used by man for thousands of years.

  • Location

    Beech buds used in extract come from Ardèche (France)

  • Azione Cosmetica

    Beech extract brings extra energy to drive protein synthesis by keratinocytes. Thus, it strengthens the skin structure, it reinforces the skin's barrier function and it improves skin hydration. The skin is soothed, more supple and smoother on the surface. When beech extract is combined with blackcurrant, raspberry and Scots pine extracts, the result is a complex effective in anti-aging skincare products. Each extract provides specific and complementary properties to fight the damage caused by time.

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