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Linum usitatissimum

  • History

    It appears that flax was first cultivated from the wild Mediterranean species, Linum bienne. It is a plant that needs little water to grow. Flax cultivation is environmentally friendly. Depending on the variety and the method of cultivation, flax, which can have quite a frail appearance, is a plant rich in resources that has been known since the dawn of time for the fibers of its stems and its oil-producing seeds.

  • Location

    The hulls of the flaxseed used in extract come from Canada, Finland and China

  • Azione Cosmetica

    Due to its rich content of lignans, flax extract plays an important role in the size of sebaceous glands and the regulation of sebum production. It inhibits the activity of the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase, and in doing so controls seborrhea, as well as the size and number of sebum droplets in skin pores. It helps balance oily and combination skin, reduces shine, and contributes to improving the condition of the skin.

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