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Punica granatum

  • History

    The Punicaceae family includes two species of trees and deciduous bushes, the best-known being "punica granatum". The Latin name used today ("punica granatum") comes from the Romans, who called the fruit "punicum malum" (Punic apple), while "granatum" meant "full of seeds". It has been known since ancient times for its reddish fruits with their edible pulp, which were greatly enjoyed by travelers and caravanners for their water content, their sweet and bitter taste, and their long preservation, thanks to the tough outer skin.

  • Location

    Pomegranates used in extract come from Spain. Promegranate seeds used in vegetable oil come from China and India

  • Azione Cosmetica

    Pomegranate extract is used in beauty care for purifying the skin and ridding the skin of impurity, sebum, sweat and bacteria. It helps regenerate the upper layers of the epidermis, thanks to the keratolytic effects of AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids). The presence of tannins gives it astringent properties and it has a firming and smoothing effect. Promegranate oil also plays a role in regenerating of the upper layers of the epidermis.

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