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Nectar de Roses

A quest for remarkable roses !

For the past 30 years, Melvita has travelled the world, seeking out the organic roses with the most remarkable properties. High-altitude roses grow in mountain soils, enriched by nitrogen from the winter snow, so they’re full of mineral elements. These roses help to quench thirsty skin and to stimulate water circulation at the heart of the epidermis, so that skin feels perfectly moisturised all day long. By using unique processes, Melvita is able to recreate the power of these roses in the products in its Rose Nectar range.


Our hydrating day cream - Infusion

Enriched with a rose petal infusion that’s incredibly refreshing for the skin, as well as an extract of high-altitude wild roses, this moisturising day cream envelops the skin in a breeze of thirst-quenching freshness. The formula also contains Damask rose floral  water and trehalose – a plant-based sugar – to help replenish the skin, so it feels as soft and supple as a petal. The fine, light texture sinks
in immediately, leaving nothing behind but a velvety finish.

What better way to give your skin a rosy glow that lasts all day?


La vie en rose !

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(except 30ml hand cream, lip sticks, 50ml rose floral water and honey & rose flowers soap)



Fresh Micellar Water

The fresh micellar water cleanses, removes make-up and tones in a single, simple step, to leave skin feeling as soft as a petal.

Milky Cleansing Oil

In contact with water, the milky cleansing oil transforms into a milky lotion, to immediately remove impurities and the most stubborn make-up.
It does not leave a greasy film and makes the skin feel as soft as a petal.

Fresh Cleansing Milk

This deliciously fresh lotion gently removes make-up and impurities, to leave skin feeling as soft as a petal.


Moisture-replenishing Night Cream

High-altitude wild roses use their deep roots to draw up water so they are better able to survive the dry mountain conditions. Enriched with wild roses, this velvety night cream bathes the skin in benecial moisture all night long, gently cocooning it while you sleep.

Hydrating Day Cream

High-altitude wild roses use their deep roots to draw up water so they are better able to survive the dry roses, with a high concentration of hydrating sugars, and rose floral water, this cream helps to replenish the skin with moisture, leaving it as soft and supple as a petal.


Hydrating Facial Gel

High-altitude wild roses use their deep roots to draw up water so they are better able to survive the dry mountain conditions. Enriched with wild rose petals and rose floral water, this facial gel is ideal for light hydration. The skin feels quenched and recovers its original freshness.


BB Cream

With its fine, fluid texture, this BB Cream enriched with rose floral water provides natural-looking coverage, for a rosy complexion that lasts all day long.

Moisturizing Mask

Nectar de Roses moisturizing mask for the face thanks to the hydrating power of roses infusion.

Fresh Eye Contour Gel

Enriched with rose floral water, this gel has been specially formulated to be gentle on the fragile eye area. Fresh and light, it helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

The Rose Centifolia

Melvita took its Rosa centifolia from the high plateaux of the Caucasus Mountains and plunged it into hot water. In this way, it was able to extrac all the softness from this rose – its hundred petals releasing all their hydrating minerals and sugars into the water around them. The result is an ultra-refreshing, organic rose infusion that helps to replenish the skin and leaves it feeling quenched, invigorated, softer and more supple. The complexion looks fresh and radiant – just like the first petals of spring…

Once dried, the Rosa centifolia petals are plunged into hot water. Then, through the use of ultrasound, they release thei active ingredients into the water. This unique process, developed by Melvita’s Research & Development teams, yields a Rosa centifolia infusion that’s particularly rich in antioxidan polyphenols, minerals and sugars, which help maintain good skin hydration.

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