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Organic + biodegradable = double the benefits?

Organic + biodegradable = double the benefits?

There is a connection between organic and biodegradable. Melvita shower gels are organic. So what's the link? Let's take a closer look…  

If something is biodegradable, it means that it can be broken down by living organisms without harming the environment. In other words, it describes something that can be easily "absorbed" by nature, that breaks down into the environment without intervention and, above all, without leaving a trace or causing pollution.

Examples? A paper tissue takes three months to biodegrade, while chewing gum takes five years and glass 4,000 years.

It makes sense that the more a product is composed of natural and organic ingredients, the more biodegradable it will be.

Yes, but how can you be sure? The OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) has designed test protocols to measure biodegradability.  The tests are conducted by independent laboratories and analyze the rate at which products can be naturally broken down.

And we are rather proud of our results… Based on these tests, the Melvita Berry Body Wash is "easily biodegradable", which means that after just 28 days, almost 97% is biodegraded into the environment.

So next time you want a "green" vacation, make sure you slip a tube into your suitcase!


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