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The Melvita secret to de-puff your eyes!

The Melvita secret to de-puff your eyes!


Why do eyes get puffy sometimes?

Many women look in the mirror every morning and are horrified to see a pair of puffy eyes staring back at them.

In fact, there are several reasons for puffiness. During the night, lymphatic circulation slows down, and this can lead to water retention, making the eyelids swell.  


Boost microcirculation!


With a special home-made remedy.

Place a few drops of Avocado Oil in a bowl, along with two small spoonfuls of Cornflower Floral Water.

Mix together until you obtain an even consistency.

Divide this mixture between two soft cotton pads and place them over closed eyes. Then relax for ten minutes…


Cornflower Floral Water is obtained by distilling organic Centaurea cyanus flowers. With soothing and decongesting properties, it is ideal for reducing puffiness around the eyes. Rich in Vitamins A & E, as well as essential fatty acids, Avocado Oil helps strengthen the skin's natural barrier function and boosts hydration.


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