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Your 4 minutes customized ritual

Your 4 minutes customized ritual

Discover how to take care of your dehydrated skin with Melvita beauty ritual:

1. A minute to remove make-up - I cleanse to remove make-up and impurities.

2. A minute to refresh - I tone to gently finish the cleansing.

3. A minute to prepare - I boost the benefits of my face care.

4. A minute to care - I treat to answer my skin needs.

For any other skin type, find your beauty ritual here.

For dehydrated skin

What are the symptoms of a dehydrated skin?

The skin is tired, unhealthy and dull. You are looking for an healthy glow and for more comfort.

To help your skin keep its natural moisture and regain an healthy glow, discover your Hydration ritual.

For dehydrated and combination skin

What are the symptoms of a dehydrated and combination skin?

In addition to the dehydrated skin symptoms (tired skin, dull skin), the T zone is shiny and pores are open.

To get a healthy and neat skin back, discover your Hydration ritual adapted to combination skin.

Pour les peaux sèches

What are the symptoms of a dry skin?

Skin tightens and looks more fragile day after day. You prefer rich textures rather than water.

To giver more comfort and protection to your skin, discover your Nutrition ritual.

For sensitive skin

What are the symptoms of a sensitive skin?

Skin is irritated, reacts to cold and warm temperatures. Skin is itchy and you easily have skin reactions.

To soothe the skin et make it less reactive, discover your SOS Sensitive Skin ritual.

For 1rst signs of ageing

What are the symptoms of the ageing first signs?

Complexion is uneven and expression lines are more visible. Skin recovers slower than before et some dark spots may appear on the face.

To avoid the appearance of new wrinkles and have a more even skin tone, discover your Plumping ritual.

For ageing skin

What are the symptoms of ageing skin?

Skin is less firm and wrinkles are installed. You have dark spots and a dull complexion.

To improve your skin appearance, discover your Global Anti Ageing ritual.

For a lack of radiance

What are the symptoms of a lack of radiance?

Skin is dull, you have a blotchy skin tone and dark spots on your face and hands.

To restore a better even toned complexion and fade away dark spots, discover your Brightening ritual.

For oily to combination skin

What are the symptoms of oily to combination skin?

Skin is shiny, you experience break outs and skin imperfections, pores are widely open and visible.You prefer fluid and non greasy textures.

To get a healthier, purified and matte skin, discouver your Purifying ritual.

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